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Beihai is a prefecture-level city in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located in southern Guangxi and a coastal city with a long history. It borders Guangdong Province to the east and Vietnam to the west, and is one of Guangxi's important sea outlets. The climate of Beihai belongs to the subtropical marine monsoon climate, with warm and humid weather and four seasons like spring.

Beihai is a tourist destination with many famous attractions. The most famous attractions include Beihai Silver Beach, Weizhou Island, and Beihai Old Street. Beihai Silver Beach is a famous beach in Beihai known for its fine sand and clear water; Weizhou Island is a beautiful island with rich marine ecology and history; and Beihai Old Street is a historical and cultural block in Beihai that preserves many ancient buildings and cultural heritage.

In addition, there are many delicious foods in Beihai worth trying. The most famous foods include Beihai seafood and Beihai rice noodles. Beihai seafood has a variety of fresh and delicious items; Beihai rice noodles are loved for their unique production process and texture.

Overall, Beihai is a beautiful coastal city with a long history and cultural heritage, making it a place worth visiting.
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